Does Car Insurance Cover Flood & Water Damage?

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For those of you who don't know, car insurance also has an expansion of flood car insurance. It is important that you have this expansion of flood car insurance, especially during the rainy season and when you live at a high risk of flooding. Each policyholder can request an expansion of the insurance.

The Flood Insurance Claims Process

1. Contact your insurance agent or company to report your flood loss. Your flood insurance policy requires you to give prompt written notice of your loss.

2.Do not attempt to start a flooded car. Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove any standing water.

3.Keep proof of flood damage. Take photos for proof. Don't remove or replace any damaged items without your insurance company's approval.

4.Prepare the required documents, such as a driver's license, vehicle registration, car insurance policy number or if there are photocopies of these documents, this will make the claim process easier.

5. Report the damage to your car insurance company maximum of 5 days after the incident. Don't delay filing a claim. It may cause more damage to your car. Contact Sahabat Insurance at 021-50508080 for information about flood expansion insurance.

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