​​​​Owning a house is not just a dream!

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Owning a house is not just a dream! But starting a home installment for those of you who just want to buy a house is certainly a challenge in itself, the ways and tricks to start installments certainly can't be rushed. Plan carefully before starting. Check out the following tips from Sahabat Insurance. 1. Determine the budget for buying a house, whether it is in accordance with your age and income. Planning factors are very important! 2. Commitment to saving, start reducing spending by determining the Priority scale 3. Create a special account so as not to interfere with savings, insurance, emergency funds and money used for everyday life 4. Pay off all debts, so as not to interfere with your financial flow 5. Looking for additional income can be a solution to your income 6. Choosing the right credit and payment plan such as interest and mortgage provider bank 7. Start by finding out everything related to your home loan plan, such as credit processing, location, down payment and payment processing. Insure your home with Sahabat Insurance's home insurance call us at 021-50508080

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Omicron, symptoms and how to deal with it

Based on the results of the study, the most common characteristics that indicate a person is infected with the omicron variant of the Covid-19 infection are as follows:

1. Sore throat but no cough
A sore throat accompanied by a cough is one of the common symptoms when someone is declared infected with the Covid-19 virus.

But in the Omicron variant, the sore throat tends to be itchy, dry, even without coughing.

2. Muscle and joint pain
Reporting from the Gavi.org page, the first reports of Omicron symptoms in South Africa showed a reaction to lower back pain.

In addition, this pain also continues to spread to several other areas such as joints, and muscle pain (myalgia).

3. Fatigue
Another symptom of Omicron is fatigue so that the body becomes weak and even easily feels tired even though it is not strenuous activity.

These signs of fatigue are constant because they are usually felt by other variants of Covid-19 sufferers.

4. Headache
A painful headache accompanied by a fever like the flu is an inflammatory reaction that the body is fighting a virus.

In Omicron symptoms, this headache feels throbbing, pressured, and sometimes accompanied by a stabbing feeling of mild to severe intensity.

5. Don't lose your sense of smell
In the previous Covid-19 variant, infected patients will experience impaired sense of smell and taste.

But for the Omicron variant, it's the opposite. Patients do not lose their sense of smell and taste so they still feel normal as usual.