Why does my vehicle repair take so long?

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When you buy an insurance policy and make an insurance claim sometimes you wonder. Will my vehicle be repaired fast or long? The claim provisions have actually been stated on the policy or in accordance with the regulations. To be clear about what things are covered by insurance, it would be nice to check your insurance policy more carefully. If the risk is included in the clause and does not conflict with the exclusion or legal defect, then a claim for reimbursement is acceptable.

As is known, the claim procedure begins with reporting the incident to the insurance company, then the insurance company will conduct a survey. Then the cost estimation is carried out and then an SPK (Work Order) is issued to the partner workshop.

Then a new question arises. Why do vehicle repairs sometimes take so long to make a vehicle insurance claim? In some cases there may be several reasons why vehicle repairs take a long time, for example
1.Incomplete insurance claim documents.
2. Damage to the vehicle is very severe.
3. Availability of spare parts is also one of the possible reasons why your vehicle "stays" in the workshop for a long time.
4. During the inspection there may be vehicle damage that was missed during reporting.

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