What should we do if an earthquake occurs?

Terakhir Diubah : 10:01:48 - Senin, 17 Januari 2022

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A large earthquake occurred in Sumur, Banten and the tremor was felt in Jakarta on Friday (14/1/2022). So what should we do if an earthquake occurs?
1. Don't panic
2. Cover yourself under the table and wait for the earthquake to stop
3. Wait until it's safe
4. Get out of the building
5. Avoid taking cover under buildings, poles or trees.
If possible, you can get out of the house or building you are in as soon as possible. You can use the emergency stairs. If you use the emergency stairs, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. First, hold on to the side of the ladder. Second, don't run. Running can increase the risk of falling while descending stairs. Lastly, for women, remove high heels. Wearing high heels can make you fall down the stairs and is very dangerous.

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Whistleblowing System

In order to support Good Corporate Governance, especially in the implementation of the Anti-Bribery Management System within the Company, Sahabat Insurance  provides a channel for conveying information regarding indications/allegations of integrity deviations which can result in fraud, abuse, corruption, collusion, nepotism, gratuities, price inflation. or budget, bribery, money laundering, embezzlement, extortion, and other conflicts of interest that will/have been committed by employees or Company Business Partners.

Reporting of violations is addressed to the Whistleblowing Team and submitted in writing via the whistleblowing media as follows [email protected];

Whistle blowers can report indications/allegations of violations through the Whistleblowing System with the following terms and conditions:

  • Include valid evidence in the form of data, clear information on the occurrence of violations in connection with the indications/allegations of irregularities previously mentioned.
  • Reports are made in good faith and are not a complaint against a person, a particular company or slander.
  • The reporter must provide complete information about his identity to facilitate communication including full name, telephone number or email address where he can be contacted.

Sahabat Insurance maintains the confidentiality of reporting data from unauthorized parties and provides:
• The confidentiality of the identity of the reporting person is ensured as well as
• The confidentiality of the information.