World Environment Day 2022

Terakhir Diubah : 11:55:54 - Senin, 06 Juni 2022

Berita - World Environment Day 2022 - Sahabat Insurance | Solusi Lengkap Perlindungan Asuransi Anda

June 5 marks World Environment Day—led by the United Nations Environment Programme, a time to raise awareness on the importance of protecting and restoring the Earth.Sahabat Insurance planted mangroves as an implementation of a sustainable finance program in an effort to mitigate climate change disaster risk through the expansion of mangrove forests at Eco Park - Mangrove Tourism Park, Muara Angke, North Jakarta.

A total of 2250 mangroves will be planted at this event as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) carried out by the company towards the community and the environment in all aspects of the company's operations, such as issues affecting the environment.

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