11th Anniversary Sahabat Insurance

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PT Asuransi Sahabat Artha Proteksi (Sahabat Insurance) was formerly known as PT Bess Central Insurance and has been established since September 4, 1996, at the time named as PT AIOI Indonesia. On March 25, 2011, PT Asuransi Central Asia took over all shares from PT AIOI Indonesia who carried out the merger and transferred its assets and liabilities to PT Asuransi MSIG Indonesia.
New shareholders entered along with PT Asuransi Central Asia. In conjunction with the change in the shareholders structure, it was decided that PT AIOI Indonesia to change its name to PT Bess Central Insurance on May 26, 2011, after obtaining the Decree of the Minister of Finance Number KEP- 420/KM.10/2011.
The single presence policy regulation released by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan in 2018 states that the primary entity in the insurance industry may only hold one life insurance or general insurance company. The primary entity is required to merge or divesting shares if there is more than one life insurance or general insurance company. On this basis, PT Asuransi Central Asia decided to transfer its share ownership in the company, accompanied by several new shareholders in early 2020.
For this reason, the company decided to change its name to PT Asuransi Sahabat Artha Proteksi as stated in the Board of Commissioners Regulation from Otoritas Jasa Keuangan Number KEP-131/NB.11/2020 on March 31, 2020.

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Tips on Insurance Claims If Car Loans Lost?

Of course you will experience panic when you realize that the private car you usually ride is not there and has definitely changed hands to an irresponsible party or stolen, sad because you know the missing car has not paid off its credit payment, worried for fear of not being able to claim, it's natural but take it easy, because usually at every leasing company, cars that have not been paid off are still guaranteed to the insurance and can be a solution if you experience a disaster like this.

Released from Asuransi Magazine, the first step and must be taken immediately is to report to the creditor of the incident and or contact your car insurance provider directly, try within 3 X 24 hours after the theft occurs, so that there is no disruption in the claim process. insurance. To facilitate the process of filing a claim, complete the theft report with an official letter from the police, because the police agency is the only institution authorized to declare the status of the stolen car lost.

After receiving a police letter, prepare important documents such as a Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy, a photocopy of STNK, and a driver's license to be included in a report to the car insurance company. After the document submission process is complete, the police and insurance will examine the case that happened to you, to ensure the validity of the incident. If it is proven that it complies with the clauses and definitions of the theft victim (reference PSAKBI and KUHP), the total lost stolen claim can be processed. As a car owner, you will be given a cover letter from the insurance company to help make a vehicle registration block letter from the local regional police (POLDA)

Insurance claims can generally be disbursed from 14 days or 21 days from the day of the incident, if the documents needed to support the claim submission have been completed. However, if the car is found within 60 days, you can change the type of claim, from total lost stolen to partial loss. So that the damage that occurs during the process of loss, can be compensated by the insurance.

Conclusion In Making a Car Insurance Claim

  1. Make sure the loss report is not delayed, so that the car insurance can act quickly.
  2. Always put important documents, related to your car insurance policy in a safe and easy to find place, so that they are easy to find in the event of a theft case.
  3. It must be remembered that, the car insurance only covers loss in the category of car theft. Meanwhile, losses resulting from fraud or embezzlement are not covered by insurance coverage.
  4. Before looking for a suitable insurance company, first compare the services and prices offered, then provide possible theft scenarios, and ask if they can protect you from these risks.