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Laundry and carwash
You need a way to reduce laundry costs and vehicle cleaning costs by doing it yourself. This method can make you more efficient. Wash your vehicle on the weekends if you want to save money. Try to use laundry or carwash services if it's urgent.

Expensive Transport Costs
Rain causes traffic jam for so many reasons. Heavy traffic is a bummer, especially since it wastes your fleet's gas. Whenever possible, schedule travel for evenings, early mornings, and other off-peak hours. This will reduce the traffic drivers sit in, lessening the time they spend idling and burning gas.

Flood repair costs
Be prepared ahead of time by protecting your vehicle from flooding. Not all vehicle and property insurance policies are extended with flood risk cover, so only vehicles and property that are expanded with flood risk can cover insurance changes. Contact Sahabat Insurance at 021-50508080 for more information about expand flood insurance for motorized vehicles and your home insurance.

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Fuel Efficient Driving Tips

Efficient car fuel is certainly the desire of all vehicle owners to save costs.

Fuel economy is not solely influenced by engine configuration and vehicle specifications. Another factor that can make fuel efficient is the user's driving style.

Keeping Car Speed
One way to drive fuel efficient cars is to maintain speed. A fast vehicle speed will make fuel wasteful when compared to a constant speed of 60-80 km per hour.

Keeping Car Engine Spin
To keep the car's fuel efficient, the driver must keep the engine in low revs. Engine performance at high rpm or RPM above 2,000 will make the vehicle suck up more fuel.

Precise Gear Shift
In manual transmission cars, the driver must shift gears appropriately to make the fuel used not too much. The habit of shifting gears late will make the engine RPM high so that it wastes fuel.

Maximize Engine Brake
Another way to save on car fuel is to maximize the engine brake when reducing the car's speed. Drivers are required to know the path taken in order to know the best time to reduce engine speed so as not to use the brakes suddenly.

Avoid Sudden Acceleration and Braking or Stop and Go
Car drivers need to maintain a constant speed while driving on the roads. Avoid sudden acceleration (step on the gas) or sudden braking to keep your car fuel efficient.

Reduce Load
Bring the load according to the capacity of the car, do not overdo it. Stereo equipment, luggage on top of a car or large Velk turns out to be more free than passengers or bags.