Travel Insurance For Your Holiday!

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Vacations are always fun and everyone looks forward to, especially if you are always busy working every day. Then what if things happen that might happen during the trip? There may be lost baggage, trip cancellations or even accidents. This is the benefit of travel insurance to protect the trip from the risks that may occur. Let's see what are the benefits of Travel Insurance:

  1. While on vacation, there may be travel delays due to some unexpected factors, your vacation might not go smoothly. Travel insurance covers losses caused by travel delays or cancellations
  2. Accidents that result in permanent disability or even accidents that result in death during the trip.
  3. Medical needs or medical needs during the holidays.
  4. Losing your passport, money, important documents, even losing your luggage while on vacation is something you don't want but it can happen.
  5. Other travel inconveniences such as theft or unloading of baggage.
Everyone needs safety and comfort while traveling, Travel Insurance protects you from the possibility that occurs during the trip. Call us at 021-50508080 for more information.

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5 Reasons People Refuse Insurance

Indonesia is still listed as an underinsured country, this is because there are still many Indonesians who do not have insurance. There are many reasons why Indonesians are lazy to have insurance. Some of these reasons are based on one thing, namely the lack of insurance education for the public. Here are the top 5 reasons why Indonesians are still reluctant to get insurance according to the Insurance Magazine version:

Do not understand
Because insurance is not very popular in the community, many terms are not understood by the Indonesian people, thus causing people to be afraid of being deceived and decide not to have insurance, whether car, health, or life insurance. People's ignorance can actually be overcome if there is education that is easy and simple to understand, sometimes the explanation received by the community from an insurance agent is not explained in simple language.

Too expensive
Insurance is still considered a luxury and out of reach. Whereas the government and private companies have provided several various insurance options and along with the growth of the insurance industry, prices have become very competitive. For example, the price of personal accident insurance can be around Rp. 25,000 (twenty five thousand rupiah) but it can still provide a fairly high protection value. The price of insurance today is much cheaper in the past, maybe even this price is not more expensive than people's spending on mobile phone credit.

There are still other needs
This is very understandable, but make sure that what is meant by other needs are very urgent or primary needs and once you have enough savings, start insurance no matter how small the amount. Because no matter how small the insurance value, it will be very helpful when needed.

“I Will Drive Carefully” (Car Insurance)
Even if you drive very carefully, your car still has the risk of being hit, dented, or other traffic incidents. Therefore, insure your vehicle, so that your financial status remains stable if something happens to the vehicle.

Insurance Claims Must Be Difficult
This point, really depends on the type of insurance company chosen, but in general, if you have read it carefully and understand the insurance policy comprehensively, insurance claims should not be a frightening specter. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult first with some relatives or experts before buying insurance products.