Travel Insurance For Your Holiday!

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Vacations are always fun and everyone looks forward to, especially if you are always busy working every day. Then what if things happen that might happen during the trip? There may be lost baggage, trip cancellations or even accidents. This is the benefit of travel insurance to protect the trip from the risks that may occur. Let's see what are the benefits of Travel Insurance:

  1. While on vacation, there may be travel delays due to some unexpected factors, your vacation might not go smoothly. Travel insurance covers losses caused by travel delays or cancellations
  2. Accidents that result in permanent disability or even accidents that result in death during the trip.
  3. Medical needs or medical needs during the holidays.
  4. Losing your passport, money, important documents, even losing your luggage while on vacation is something you don't want but it can happen.
  5. Other travel inconveniences such as theft or unloading of baggage.
Everyone needs safety and comfort while traveling, Travel Insurance protects you from the possibility that occurs during the trip. Call us at 021-50508080 for more information.

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vehicle insurance terms

Often confused to see the term vehicle insurance? Don't worry, Friends of Insurance are ready to help with terms that are often used in Vehicle Insurance.
Insurance policy
You may have heard this term many times, but do you really know the meaning behind it? Policy and insurance policy have almost the same meaning, an insurance policy is an agreement or agreement between the policyholder and the insurance company to perform obligations such as loss or damage protection that has been agreed by both parties.
Insurance premium
A word you will also hear often is premium. In short, the premium is the value or nominal payment agreed by the policyholder with the insurance company. The amount of premium to be paid will also be listed on your vehicle insurance policy.
Sum Insured
Simply put, the price of coverage is the purchase price of a motor vehicle when you make an insurance policy. This purchase price will be listed in the policy and will later become the maximum limit of the liability value of the insurance company if you make a claim at any time.
Total Loss Only or TLO
Well, this one term is very closely related to car insurance. Total Loss Only or TLO is one of the most common types of vehicle insurance in Indonesia. If you choose Total Loss Only motor vehicle insurance, it means that in the event of a loss or damage the insurance will provide repair or replacement costs of only 75%.
All Risk
Just like the term TLO, all risk is also related to the type of insurance you can choose for your vehicle. The difference between the two is that all risk insurance will accept all claims for loss or damage to a motorbike or car up to 100%.
Deductible or Own Risk
Deductible, own risk, or own risk have the same meaning, namely the value that becomes your burden for each damage or loss that occurs. This burden or value is usually calculated from the amount of compensation to be paid. As a policyholder you must really pay attention to these details in the insurance policy purchased.
TJH III or Third Party Legal Liability
In simple terms, TJH III talks about the liability guarantee that will be given by the insurance party to a third party if the insured vehicle suffers a loss or damage. You can ask the insurance party for points regarding Third Party Legal Liability when making a policy.
At least you need to understand the terms mentioned above, besides that, pay attention to the points that talk about losses caused by natural disasters, riots or acts of terrorism. Don't forget to read the motor vehicle insurance policy in full and in detail so that you know exactly what protection you have.
If you still want to find out more details or complete information about vehicle insurance, you can find all the information at or call 021-50508080.