Heavy rainfall causes flooding in Greater Jakarta

Terakhir Diubah : 09:12:23 - Senin, 18 Juli 2022

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Rain that has flushed Jakarta since Friday, July 16, 2022, has caused flooding. A total of 92 area in the capital were flooded. The data was collected on Saturday, July 18, 2022 (DKI BPBD Data and Information Center) Source: merdeka.com

Disaster mitigation is a series of efforts to reduce disaster risk, both through physical development as well as awareness and capacity building to deal with disaster threats (Article 1 paragraph 6 PP No 21 of 2008 concerning the Implementation of Disaster Management).

So what to do if there is a flood?

  1. Secure important objects and documents, such as house certificates, birth certificates and so on
  2. Turn off the gas and electricity in your home before the flood comes, do not touch electrically charged equipment when you are standing on/in the water.
  3. When you decide to evacuate your house, be aware of undercurrents, drains, sewers, puddles, and other places that are inundated with water.
  4. Do not drive a car in flooded areas. When the water starts to rise, ignore the car and get out. Immediately evacuate to higher ground.
  5. Consider flood insurance for vehicles and homes due to flooding to avoid future losses.
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1.     Preparing the vehicle
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2.     Using safety equipment
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3.     Good driving attitude
In riding a motorcycle, you should have a good driving attitude where you sit on the motorcycle in a straight upright position but remain relaxed, make sure you look ahead, do not lift your legs to other places for any reason, do not ride more than one person and goods heavy baggage.
4.     Keep your distance when driving
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To minimize this, as a smart driver, you should observe your driving speed and adjust it to the distance in front of you. The higher the speed you use, the longer the distance that needs to be prepared.
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