Sahabat Insurance launches new representative office in Jambi

Terakhir Diubah : 10:04:36 - Kamis, 22 September 2022

Berita - Sahabat Insurance launches new representative office in Jambi - Sahabat Insurance | Solusi Lengkap Perlindungan Asuransi Anda

PT Asuransi Sahabat Artha Proteksi (Sahabat Insurance) launch the 18th representative office in Jambi on Wednesday 21 September 2022, in order to expand the official representative office in Indonesia.

Sahabat Insurance is committed to continuing to provide customer satisfaction, by always maintaining and improving service quality, as well as reaching customers spread across Indonesia.

Visit Sahabat Insurance - Jambi at Jl. Sumbiono Blok A2, Jelutung, Jambi. If you need immediate assistance, please call us at 0741-3622176, 021-50508080 or email [email protected]

Sahabat Insurance is a general insurance company with products such as:
•Property Insurance
•Motor Vehicle Insurance
•Personal Accident Insurance
•Travel Insurance
and so on.
For more information call us at 021-50508080.

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Fire Insurance (FLEXAS)

Property Insurance (FLEXAS) provides a warranty to your properties for the damages as resulted from any possible risks such as fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft falling and smoke.

Fire (fire)
Fire caused by a short circuit or electrical short circuit or due to the spread of fire from other objects, neighboring houses, tree fires and others or fire due to your own negligence or lack of care, your servant or other people such as fires due to stoves, exploding gas leaks, or cigarette butts and others.
Lightning (Lightning Strike)
Property insurance also guarantees the risk of fire caused by electric machinery, electrical or electronic equipment, and electrical installations that are burned because lightning also enters into account.

What is meant by an explosion here is the sudden release of energy due to the expansion of steam or gas. For example, steam boiler pipes or explode until leaving open rips. Terms and conditions apply.

Aircraft Impact (Fall of Airplanes)
In the unfortunate event of an aircraft crash on or near the insured property, a comprehensive fire insurance policy typically covers the resulting damage. This can include structural damage to buildings, loss of personal property, and any other destruction caused by the impact.

Smoke (Smoke)
Smoke arising from the fire of insured property. So if the smoke caused by a fire causes damage to the house or other property insured, property insurance will guarantee the loss due to the damage. (asuransiku)